by Travis Lee

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Recorded in houses around Eau Claire, WI.


released August 1, 2016

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Travis Lee.
Album artwork : Emilio Taiveaho & Travis Lee


all rights reserved



Travis Lee Wisconsin

A singer/songwriter living on Earth in the year 2019.

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Track Name: Blank Faces
blank faces, long stares
take your time heading nowhere,
the colors have change
to a symphony of haze,
it's getting harder to see
when the world wears a glare

i want to see
help me to believe
i want to know
where do all the faces go

white dust settles on the
trees and skyscrapers
out the window traffic passes,
there and then it's gone
from the skies an angel cries alone
watching all the people
sitting softly on there golden thrones,
careful not to let go

i want to see
help me to believe
i want to know
where do all the faces go

blank faces in the cold,
the story's getting old,
can we rewrite a misery,

i want to see
help me to believe
i want to know
where do all the faces go
Track Name: Rather Than
this ain't supposed to be war,
so why you throwin' your bombs,
i seem to catch every one barehanded,
and feel it blow up my heart,
yeah, the green's been gone too long,
it's only yellow and brown,
and i watch as I walk down the sidewalk,
they all fall to the ground, ground, ground

so take what you need
leave what you can
i know i'll find it better than
no holding me back
or talking me out
and just remember it's the
last time that i leave our house

i think i found a solution
to having you on my mind
call a friend, hit the streets
and i'm juicing
sometimes it helps to
pretend for a while

you took all that you could
and left what you did
it's hard but i'm doing
better than with you
someday you will find,
leaving me on the line,
wasn't your best move
when you call me crying
honey i miss you

rather have a heart than a bunch of broken pieces
rather have green over blue
rather have a start than an end of constant treason
rather have me over you
Track Name: One Of Those Nights
keep me close tonight
don't let me leave your side
keep me warm tonight
hold me in your arms

tell me i'm okay
make me feel good
tell me it's alright
just help me to believe

i know you're safe with him...
and that's where your heart belongs.
Track Name: Wanderin'
my mind must go to where it will wander/wonder

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